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Do Not Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Sarees

by Nitin Rana on Mar 29, 2024

Do Not Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Sarees
Do Not Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Sarees
Do Not Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Sarees
As we all know a saree is the sexiest and elegant attire that you can wear in most of the traditional functions. You look stunning and can flaunt your curves in a saree. To look perfect and gorgeous, the most important thing is to wear it properly. If it is not worn properly then the versatility of a saree may get spoiled. Most of the women make some common mistakes while wearing saree which would be so disastrous.

Hence, here are some tips to not to make those silly mistakes while draping saree. We have listed out some silly mistakes made that should be considered every time you wear a saree.

Pairing Wrong Shoes

Always avoid wearing platform heals, flats and slippers, they will spoil your entire look. For looking gorgeous and stunning hot, go with only heals and stilettos.

Misfit Blouse

Don’t get too excited for wearing a saree with extremely fit blouse or that don’t suit your body. Make your blouse according to your body size; don’t go with too fit or too loose, it will look worst on you. If you want to wear specific saree to look stunning then make sure you bring your body in the perfect shape for that.

Flared Petticoat

Flared petticoat should be avoided as they make difficult to manage the saree. Flared petticoat will make you fatter and shapeless. It’s better to go for a plain petticoat.

Wearing a Saree Too High and Too Low

Most of women do wrong experiments with the sarees. If you are not draping your saree at the right place, it will look worst. While experimenting, if you are trying to wear it too high or too low both are going to make it less elegant and will ruin the entire look. Try to drape it at proper place.

Improper Pallu Draping

Whether you drape your pallu in steps or leave your pallu loose, it’s your choice but make sure that the drape is simple and flawless. Make sure your saree doesn’t look vulgar; the pallu covers the front of the blouse properly. It is not good to make the pallu too narrow at the front of the blouse.

Mismatch with the Occasion

What are you wearing that must be selected according to the function or occasion. If you are wearing a saree for particular function, if it’s party then you must choose a party wear saree and if it’s any occasion then you should go for a traditional saree. If you going to a small party or office, try to wear simple and light pastel color sarees and if you are going to attend wedding or something grand occasion then go with the work saree.

Using Too Many Pins

It would be difficult to carry a saree without pins. To intact your saree properly, it’s needed to use pins but don’t use too much pins it will ruin your entire look. Too many pins will tear your saree from some places and these can be seen from anywhere. Make sure that you have managed to hide all the pins properly.

I am sure these handy tips will help you a lot that not to make those silly mistakes in future while draping a saree. A proper draped saree will look flawless, graceful and amazingly fab on you. Now you are aware of the do’s and don’t rules of wearing sarees, try to follow all of them always.